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Poster: Halidex Date: Mar 29, 2008 10:17pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: CYC-026 "going forth by day" bu Cordell Klier

Gentle. Deep. Freeing. The masterful qualities shed the old growth of their evocative skins like flowers of frequency. Dropping pedals to nurture the tender foreground of an ever-awakening hopeful landscape. Post digital sputtering ala the late 90’s glitch movement, mixed with an ambient attitude, interwoven into a tapestry of cosmic ease and passive conventional comfort. Cordell Klier shines as usual with this breezy spring-inspired document.

“Going Forth By Day” is a light hearted notion rising out of a generally somber performer. The audio concepts are color filled, bright and inspiring, leaving the listening with a feeling of pure luxury. Almost like your newly decorated loft in the town you’ve always loved. Crack open that bottle of red, kick back and enjoy.